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The Morning Four

Dec 6, 2019

Enjoy some facts and feel-good news from the Sunshine State before heading into this weekend. 

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Florida facts:

Florida feel-good news: 

Dec 5, 2019

Having faith that intangible, unmeasurable things make your life better -- whether that happens through religion or other beliefs -- can improve life quality, but how? Host Katie Parsons analyzes this idea a bit in today's #ThursdayThoughts episode.

Listen to the Champion's Mojo episode Katie references:

Dec 5, 2019

It's a muscle - so why does the heart never get tired? Listen in today to find out the reason. Stick around for a story of a young man who is trying to end bullying after being the victim of it himself.

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Heart as a muscle:

Dec 4, 2019

Saturday Night Live has actually made some eerie predictions via skits over the years - today's episode has an example. Learn what ancient monks left in manuscript margins and about a young man helping others have a happier Christmas. 

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SNL forecasting:

Dec 3, 2019

The great people of Wisconsin have developed a smart use for their cheesy water. Today's episode also asks - Where will you give this Tuesday? Stick around for really good news about epileptic seizure treatment and an affirmation.

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Cheesy roads


Seizure prediction