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The Morning Four

Jan 21, 2020

Red hasn't always meant "stop" on the roads and cereal wasn't originally created to be eaten with milk. Learn about a family starting a kindness ripple in honor of their late son, Blake.

Yellow stop signs


Cereal and milk





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Jan 19, 2020

If you are not a spider fan, today's first fact may have your skin crawling. Hear a story about a milkman's resourcefulness and bravery and learn how millennial dads are changing parenthood. Stick around for a Monday affirmation.

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Raining spiders

Milkman to the rescue 

Millennial dads


Jan 17, 2020

Learn more about what your ear is - and isn't - as well as some items you may think are named for a famous emperor (that aren't). Today's feel good news item features a smog-eating billboard.

Ear facts: 

Not Caesar named:

Jan 16, 2020

You are the owner of your days -- all of them, even the bad ones. Listen is as host Katie Parsons shares a post on social media that inspired her to take back her own time and feelings.