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The Morning Four

Sep 23, 2019

Today's episode features some life lessons that host Katie Parsons learned while performing in The Juniper Tree with a local theater group.

Sep 20, 2019

Need to know info: what to call a Snickers bar if you want to buy one in another country. Today's episode also features a new generation giving Baby Boomers a run for their money, a kind teacher's wedding registry and a Friday affirmation.


#snickers #babyboomers #kindness

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Sep 19, 2019

Talk like a pirate, meow like one and learn more about the number one characteristic that college kids say they are looking for in a mate on today's episode.


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Talk Like a Pirate Day:

Sep 18, 2019

Learn more about visiting one of the nation's most stunning National Parks. Why you should never wake a sleepwalker, Good Samaritan boaters and a Wednesday affirmation are all part of today's episode. 
#nationalparks #volcano #sleepwalkers #affirmation
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Volcano National Park:...

Sep 17, 2019

Eat a cheeseburger today - no matter how you prefer it - and listen in as host Katie Parsons looks at an interesting airport time capsule, set to be opened in 2094. Today feel-good news centers on benches to prevent suicide. 
#cheeseburgerday #denverairport #suicideprevention 
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