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The Morning Four

Oct 16, 2019

A song can spark a million drink sales - and so can a musician, apparently. The Morning Four is back, with new episodes the rest of the week and some bonus content too. Listen in - and have a wonderful week!

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Oct 7, 2019

Host Katie Parsons is in the nation's capital this week and checks in with a quick update.

Oct 4, 2019

Host Katie Parsons shares the details behind her latest travel plans and the meaning behind the term "rolling out the red carpet." Gain a few ideas for kindness in the feel-good news segment and repeat the daily affirmation.
#redcarpet #moviepremiere #positivity
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Oct 3, 2019

Where are the most reported UFO sightings in the U.S.? The location may surprise you. Today's episode also looks at the why behind the nickname "Big Apple" and has a feel-good story involving stickers of kindness. Stick around for the daily affirmation.
#bigapple #nyc #trivia
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Oct 2, 2019

Have you traveled on the longest road in the U.S.? Find out what it is on today's episode. Learn some weight facts about blue whales and a story about a Boy Scout troop that lent a hand to another camper. End the episode with today's affirmation.
#dailyaffirmation #positivity #kindness
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