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The Morning Four

Jan 31, 2020

Drop kicks are legal in the NFL, tea can make you live longer and kids can do some pretty special things. Stick around for a Friday affirmation. 

Obscure football rule

Tea longevity

Backpack donation



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Jan 30, 2020

Financial planning is important - but when we stress over scrimping and saving, it can lead to a negative obsession over money that can steal joy. Tune in for host Katie Parsons' perspective on ridding your life of negative, obsessive financial thoughts. 


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Jan 30, 2020

Would you trust a tablecloth that was hot wired for electricity? Learn about a tribe in Thailand that can see underwater and a dog trained to collect trash on the beach.

Electric tablecloths

Thailand tribe

Dog trash collector



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Jan 29, 2020

The thumbs up isn't universally recognized -- and George Lucas had military aspirations but was rejected for service (twice). Learn about a new planet (far, far away) that was discovered by a young volunteer. 

Thumbs up origin

George Lucas military

Intern discovery


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Jan 28, 2020

That Tuesday morning sleep eye gunk is normal and baseball can go into MANY extra innings. Today's feel-good news story features a young gamer who saved the life of a friend playing 5,000 miles away.

Sleep gunk

Long ball

Long-distance save



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