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The Morning Four

Feb 27, 2020

Turkeys turn all shades of red and blue when they're excited -- and the man with the deepest voice can sing notes that humans can't even hear. Tune in for these stories, a feel-good news item and a Friday affirmation.

Turkey blush:

Deep voice:

Feb 27, 2020

Do the thing that is weighing on your mind - and do it with confidence. Tune in to today's #ThursdayThoughts for some inspiration.


Feb 27, 2020

Running amok has an actual definition and started in Malaysia. Octopi are incredible mothers and a two-year-old made the day o a pizza delivery man -- all on today's episode.

Running Amok

Octopi mommies

Pizza delivery kindness


Feb 26, 2020

Crack open a pistachio for National Pistachio Day -- and find out where in the world the tallest and shortest people live. Stick around for a feel-good news story and affirmation.

National Pistachio Day:

Tallest and shortest:

Feb 25, 2020

Learn how the Polish packzi pastry got it's start -- and it had nothing to do with partying. Stick around for some Mardi Gras facts and feel good news - plus a Tuesday affirmation.

Packzi start

Mardi Gras facts

Bead good news

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